Yoga's Ancient Roots

Uncovering the original practices of Hatha Yoga.

Most forms of physical yoga practiced around the world today fall under the rubric of Hatha Yoga. The ancient term hatha originally referred to the fusion of two sounds forming a single seed syllable - a mantra applied to the central channel of the subtle body. 

How such practices were originally engaged hasn't been well understood -- until now. The ancient Tantras used the term yogavidhi to refer to a daily ritual driven by a mantra-based system known as hathayoga. All modern systems of Vinyāsa-based yoga derive from this ritual, though the core mantra elements which defined it were later removed by the Hatha texts through which the practice has come to us. 

Christopher Tompkins unveils the ancient yoga practices as described in original Tantric texts. This website is your resource for cutting-edge evidence, teachings and downloadable courses to dive deep into Yoga's ancient history.



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“Now I will teach you the sequence comprising the ritual of physical Yoga practice…which grants all wishes and destroys all suffering”
— Lord Shiva to his son Skanda, Sarvajñānottara Tantra, ca. 7th century


Christopher P. Tompkins is a scholar of the ancient Sanskrit language. His groundbreaking research and translations illuminate the unknown origins of Hatha Yoga.