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The Central Role of Manipūra Chakra in Tantric Yoga


Two Part Live Webinar with Christopher Tompkins

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Part I ~ Wednesday, July 11th, 6 - 8pm PST with a satsang (discussion) to follow on July 18th at 6pm PST

Part II ~ Wednesday, August 8th, 6 - 8pm PST with a satsang (discussion) to follow on August 15th at 6pm PST

Click here and here to watch a video preview of Part I of this webinar. Click here to watch a video sneak peak of Part II.


Register now for this course and you'll receive:

  •  Video recording of Session I
  •  Full instruction in the Ucchāra OṂ practice, including the 'divine posture' and 3-part       prānāyāma practice innovated by the Tantrics
  •  Video recording of last night's Satsang discussion


I created this series to be equally accessible and meaningful for those who take the sessions live and those who cannot (75% of our students do *not* attend live).

Webinar Description

100 years ago, the West was introduced to the Kundalinī-based Yoga practice innovated by the medieval Tantrics. In his 1918 book, The Serpent Power, Arthur Avalon first presented us with a description of the chakra system to which this sonic practice was applied, but this introduction was given without the practice itself.

Now, on the 100th anniversary, Christopher is bringing the practice back to life. His research into dozens of source Tantric texts has revealed that the original pan-Tantric Kundalinī technique, since lost to us until now, centered on Manipūra Chakra, the ‘City of Jewels’ and the applied practice of its seed mantra ‘HRŪM’.

Manipūra Chakra Darshana (teaching)

In this two-part video series, students will be introduced to the central role of Manipūra and its seed syllable, HRŪM, as taught in several Tantras dating from the 6th to the 17th centuries. 


Manipūra Chakra Sādhana (practice)

This will include a Manipūra sādhana segment in which students will be led through the forgotten Ucchāra (sacred ‘utterance’) practice with ‘fire’ mantra HRŪM, as taught in our sources.


Students will also receive:

* A translation of Manipūra chakra from 3 different chakra scrolls, which include details on its applied yoga practice

* Handouts with translations on Manipūra from source Tantras referenced in our webinars

* Jpgs of beautiful unpublished manuscript artwork of Manipūra collected by Christopher



Additional Satsānga (discussion) Sessions

Each webinar will be followed by a lively ninety minute discussion session to answer questions and to discuss the practices taught in our two Webinars. If you can’t make it live, recordings of all sessions will be available following their conclusion.

Satsang for Part I: Wednesday July 18th, 6 pm PST

Satsang for Part II: Wednesday August 15th, 6 pm PST


A quote from Goddess Ānanda-Bhairavī (‘She who is the Roar of Bliss’), instructing Shiva in the Yoga science of the Tantras, excerpted from the Rudra-Yāmala Tantra (translated by Christopher Tompkins):

“O Great Deva (Shiva)  - This is how I am to be contemplated by yogins, when they engage my mantras within the great pathway (suṣumnā nāḍī):

I am the Goddess called ‘Highest Bliss.’ I am found in the maṇipura chakra as the Auspicious Power of Rudra, known as Lākinī. I am the flowing power of Sarasvatī who brings Rudra (the “Roar” of the Manipūra seed mantra) to life. She (Lākinī, as ‘hrūṃ’) is the śakti who ascends upward – her upward movement (as ‘hrūṃ’) grants all that is desired by the yogin; Ascending into the upper range of the central channel, She becomes the maternal power of Yogins known as the ‘Yoginī.’ Therefore, one should meditate on the gems [component letters] forming the great power this sound [her seed mantra] within the pure space of Manipūra chakra.
The Great Lover’ of the Goddess first attunes with her at Manipūra – so pleasing in one’s awareness; by engaging the sequence of ‘gems’ [letters – H + R + U + NNG] forming its seed mantra in an upward trajectory, the yogin discovers the universal source of love itself.”

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