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The Kāla Chakra ‘Wheel of Time’ in the Kundalinī Yoga Practice of the Tantras

A Three-Part Webinar Series Inspired by the 2019 ‘Super Moon’ Eclipse —
The Wheel of Time: A Map to Self-Realization in Tantrik Yoga

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In the medieval Tantrik Traditions the overlapping time cycles which encapsulate the universe were internalized to from the basis of the subtle body.  

This ‘Wheel of Time’ (Kāla Chakra) became a precise map for Self-realization, and gave rise to the Tantrik subtle body as it is known today. The Tantras proclaim that when this very rare confluence occurs, the yogin has the best chance for spiritual awakening.

Join me in a three part visual journey and experience the brilliance of this innovative system of Yoga. All teachings are based on the oldest known teaching on the Kāla Chakra, the ‘Wheel of Time,’ drawn from the unpublished ‘Beyond Time’ (Kālottara) Tantra.


Parts I-II: Theory ~ The Kāla Chakra (‘Wheel of Time’) Teaching of the Tantriks

  • The cycles of External Time mapped onto a round of breath: The Year, Month, and the Day

  • The Internal 'Year' of Breath Time and the Origin of the Six Chakras.

  • The Critical Role played by the ‘Eclipse’ in the Tantric Subtle Body.

  • How the Kāla Chakra teaching provides a map for the Liberating Rise of the Unbroken AUṂ Syllable in the Subtle Body.

Part II & III: Practice ~ The Kāla Chakra (‘Wheel of Time’) Teaching of the Tantriks

  • How the Internalization of Time Cycles provides a Key to Liberation in Tantric Prānāyāma

  • How Breath Retention (Kumbhaka), Mental Focusing (Dhāranā), and Meditative Visualization (Dhyāna) is performed with the Internal ‘Wheel of Time’

  • The Internal Science of the Lunar and Solar ‘Eclipse’ as the Key to Kuṇḍalinī Awakening

Also Included in this Triad of Webinars:

  •  A folder of Timelines for the Tantric tradition, including details on the timing, evolution and integrity of its network of lineages

  • Handouts on Kāla Chakra material covered in these webinars, originally prepared for my Dissertation. These include –

  • My exclusive translation of the oldest known teaching on the Kāla Chakra ‘Wheel of Time’ tradition, from the unpublished ‘Beyond Time’ (Kālottara) Tantra, ca. 6th century A.D.

  • Charts of the external time sequences mapped onto the flow of breaths in the three central nādīs (īdā, pingalā, and sushumnā)

  • Chart of Tantrik Master Abhinavagupta’s crucial Yogic teaching on the subtle body cycles of internal time - the knowledge of which was considered a a pre-requisite for Chakra Yoga practice.

All registrants will receive Zoom sign-in instructions within 24 hours of each session. All are encouraged to participate and will have a chance to ask questions and make their voice heard in each session.

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