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The Story of Kundalini Webinar Series

Now Available:  the Video Recording of Session I, 'The Story of Kundalinī with Shrī Kshemarāja: Part I.' Read on or click here to access now. 


Each live interactive video session will be hosted on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6pm-8pm (PST). Topics will be posted here about a month in advance.

Series Overview - 

For the last decade, I have diligently researched hundreds of un-published Tantric texts which span 1,400 years of un-chartered Yoga history for the roots and evolution of Kundalinī and the Chakras in Tantric Yoga.   I have found that 'Kundalini Shakti' was not originally a 'dormant serpent power' located at the base of the spine, but a liberating, sonic power engaged throughout the subtle body in a liberating daily practice since lost to us. 

The topic of each exciting monthly webinar will be drawn from my current writings on Kundalini, the subtle body, and the forgotten practices of the original Kundalini-based yoga of the Tantrics. Students will receive a PDF of my exclusive Sanskrit translations which inform each session. 

Session I: The Story of Kundalini with Tantric Master Ksemarāja

Now Available:  Video Recording of Session I, 'The Story of Kundalinī with Shrī Kshemarāja: Part I.'
Join our 'Roots of Kundalinī Yoga' Patreon Campaign, and for the original registration price of $40.00, you will receive the recording and handouts of Session I, PLUS numerous other gifts, including my recent translations of rare Tantric passages on Kundalinī and the Chakras. Click here for more

In this session, I un-pack the mysteries of Kundalinī through the teachings of Shri Kshemaraja, the prolific master of medieval Kashmir and author of the Recognition Sutras. For 9 years I have studied Kshemaraja’s many teachings on Kuṇḍalinī, found throughout his works (see timeline, below), and have discovered that he has left us a map to the lost science of the Kundalini-based Yoga found throughout the Tantras.

Master Kuṇḍalinī Powerpoint latest.003.jpg

A. The Descent of the ‘Coiled Power’ – Kshemaraja defines Kundalinī.

Our current understanding of Kundalini as an inactive ‘serpent power to be awakened at the base of the spine’ is based on a distortion by post-tantric Haṭha texts of a single verse found throughout the Tantras used to define Kundalini. In our first hour, Kshemarāja unpacks the true meaning of this famous verse, one which originally defined Kundalini as the ‘Coiled Power’ of the Goddess drawn down into the body by yogins from the crown of the head. I will explain Kshemarāja's cryptic descriptions of 'Upper' and 'Lower' manifestations of Kundalinī in the subtle body.

B. Kshemarāja’s teachings on the Kundalinī-based Tantric Practice of ‘Prāna Installation.’ 

Throughout the Tantras, I have discovered that Kundalinī is repeatedly engaged in a daily yoga practice called as ‘Prāna Installation.’  In the culmination of our class, Kshemarāja guides us through this practice in his beautiful poetic style.

Experience the powerful insight teachings of a true Tantric master, as he reveals the liberating power of Kundalini when engaged in the original  practice of Tantric Yoga. 

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The Story of Kundalini Webinar Series