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The Science of Tantrik Pranayama: Earliest Roots

The Science of Prānāyāma in the Kundalinī Practice of the Tantras Webinar Series: Part II

Part I of this series is available for download here.

If you can’t make it to the live webinar, all course content is available for download.

Part II Description: (Click here for Part I of this series)

In this session, we will journey back to the 6th century and the founding of the Tantrik tradition.  Our guide is the 10th chapter of the Kālottara Tantra, called the ‘Nādī Chakra Teaching.’ Students will be led through my pdf translation of this chapter, critically edited from seven manuscripts and presented here for the first time. 

Important note:

Our Kālottara chapter presents oldest surviving teaching on the prānāyāma practice of Haṭha Yoga. It contains crucial details on the practice (and its sequencing, ‘vidhi’) which have not survived in the texts available to us. 

  • Pdf of Christopher’s translation of the ‘Nādī Chakra’ Chapter of the Kālottara is included. 

Tentative Topics -

  • Shaktipāta - the ‘Descent of Power’ 

  • how the life force (prāna) carries the seed of the soul (jīva) into the body

  • How the power (shakti) of prāna is sub-divided into the five ‘winds’ (vāyus)

  • Nādī Chakra - ‘The Wheel of Channels’ - how the seed of the soul sprouts into 72,000 channels 

  • The Prāṇachakra - introduction to the 10 major ‘winds’ of the body conveyed in the nādī channels

Register now and you'll immediately receive exclusive access Christopher's edited translation of the oldest teaching on the Hatha-based Pranayama ever revealed to modern practitioners. -- the 10th chapter of the venerated Kālottara ('Beyond Time') Tantra ( ca. 6th century).

Series Description:

Christopher will introduce students to the prānāyāma science innovated in the Tantras. According to the surviving testimonies of countless Tantrik masters, when engaged with the ‘vocalization’ (ucchāra) technique, this three-part breath practice systematically eliminates disease and gradually reverses aging and death. 

We begin with a question -  was this prānāyāma-based science, known as Kriyā- or Kuṇḍalinī- Yoga in the Tantras, the same ‘Kriya Yoga’ practice introduced to the West by Paramahamsa Yogānanda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi)?

Drawing from un-published Tantrik passages and visual testimony presented in seven Chakra scrolls, this series will focus on the evolution of the pan-Tantrik prānāyāma technique which purportedly granted Yogīs access to Rasa, a liberating current of sonic ‘nectar’ that is drawn down from the 1,000 petalled lotus above the crown of the head. 

What exactly is this ‘Rasa,’ and does it really invigorate one’s  prāna (life force) as claimed? How is ‘Rasa’ related to the ‘nutrient fluid’ that sustains life in the womb before we become dependent on the breath to live? 

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