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Vishuvat - Equinox Kundalini Immersion

"Vishuvat" is Sanskrit for "that which is balanced in center" or "Equinox". It is the original name for the Shushumna Nadi, the central energetic channel of the body. On these days the sun and moon, light and dark, and in practice, our breaths will be in balance. Our intention is to find this balance in our bodyminds. We will do this with Non-Dual Tantrik Yoga Philosophy & teachings from the original Tantras on the movement of life force energy, kundalini.

Chris Tompkins & lucid dawn will co-lead this event and share the wisdom and the practice of these timeless teachings. Chris is finishing his Ph.D on this topic. At this point he will be revealing truths long obscured by the patriarchy and mis-translations on the topics of chakras and kundalini. We will do practices to reconnect to the Goddess/ feminine powers of sound, breath, & meditation. Eenor will support us with a live soundscape.

Saturday will be a download of much knowledge and practice and followed by dinner and ritual chanting of the 1,000 names of the Goddess, kundalini. (this is a rare, possibly never been done before in the west ritual) Includes gentle movement, breath and mantra practices and refreshments.

LOCATON: #1 Deadhorse Canyon Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549