Chakra Vinyāsa II: Chakra System of the Universal Mother, w/ Shiva Rea

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Chakra Vinyāsa II: Chakra System of the Universal Mother, w/ Shiva Rea


Featuring the forgotten daily Yoga Vinyāsa applied to all Chakra Systems lost to us until now

Take an extraordinary journey into the exquisite system of 11 Chakras experienced as the subtle body playground of Jagad Mata Devi. This is the deepest immersion into the known Chakras ever experienced by the West.

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With Shiva Rea & Christopher Tompkins

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Course overview

The Chakra System of the Universal Mother is a priceless find, rediscovered in 2012 by Christopher Tompkins in Kashmir. Exquisitely preserved on a beautiful scroll, this revelation contains a rich tapestry of empowering chakra symbolism and practices omitted from Western sources for the subtle body. It also takes us far deeper into the known chakras than any text available in translation today.

Lost Yoga Vinyasa of all Chakra Systems Revealed.

Most critically, the Jagad Mata Chakra System (ca. 13th century) provides us with the core Vinyasa of Yoga practices that informs all chakra systems, one that unfortunately is missing in the few translated sources from which virtually all of our knowledge of chakras has derived until now.

Our text presents us with an elaborate system of eleven chakras, including the six already known to us. It takes us deeper into the muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishiddha, and ajna chakras than we've ever gone before, presenting us with a rich tapestry of empowering chakra symbolism and practices that were omitted in all sources for the chakras currently in translation.

What students receive

  • An English translation by Christopher Tompkins of the 'Chakra System of the Universal Mother'
  • An immersion into the forgotten Yoga Vinyasa ('Sequence of Yoga practices') applied to all chakra systems, lost to us until now
  • An unprecedented look at Kundalini through an amazing visual journey into the subtle body as presented in this beautiful scroll
  • A stunning depiction of and elaborate chakra system previously unknown to us that predates our current sources by centuries
  • Breathtaking chakra imagery and empowering chakra practices lost to us before now

Course reviews

“Thank you, with all my heart, for revealing and imparting these much needed and incredible teachings; I don’t even know how to express my gratitude… the unveiling of the Chakras of the Universal Mother is utterly groundbreaking.”– A.S.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that it this is being shared with us at the cutting edge of its newness! Thank you Chris Tompkins! Truly in awe.” – K.A.

“The Unveiling of the Chakras of the Universal Mother is groundbreaking…..literally.” -A.S.

“While performing the Anahata chakra practice, I felt like a twirling dervish, primed to absorb transmission as my mind was set free from thought… thank you for sharing this spiritual jewel. My heart is soaring!” -  M.H



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