The Lost Practice of the Chakra Seed Mantras Unveiled


The Lost Practice of the Chakra Seed Mantras Unveiled


This two hour cutting edge presentation was recorded live on April 29th, 2018.

The Lost Practice of the Chakra Seed Mantras Unveiled

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About this Webinar:

100 years ago (1918), the Chakras & five Chakra seed mantras were first introduced to us by Arthur Avalon in his book ‘Serpent Power.’ Avalon drew from the sixth chapter of the ‘Jewel-Essence of Highest Reality’, a Tantrik work completed by Pūrnānanda in 1577 A.D. Unfortunately, Avalon mis-translated these critical mantras. We have received them as  ‘LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, and HAM,’ which are incorrect.

Since 1918, the importance of these 5 mantras to yoga has been lost, including how they were applied in practice.

Now, on the 100th anniversary of Avalon’s work, we will receive the true meaning, beauty, and practice of the Chakra seed mantras, as drawn from un-published Tantric sources.

Students will learn how seed mantra practice original to the Tantras focused on threading Kundalinī, the ‘Coiled Power,’ through the karmic ‘knots’ (granthis) suspended along the central channel (sushumnā). In piercing these ‘knots’, lifetimes worth of stuck karmic energy is released from one’s life.

We will immerse in ecstatic teachings celebrating the Chakra Seed mantras as the liberating power of Shiva (Awakened) Consciousness – presented as the birthright of all human beings to experience.

Webinar Format:

Part I: Introduction

In the first half of our webinar, I will reveal the correct seed mantrastaught by Pūrnānanda, drawing from 5+ Tantric sources spanning 1,000 years of forgotten yoga history (5th century to 16th).

Part II: Seed Mantra Practice

In the second half of our webinar, students will be led through this prānāyāma-based technique originally engaged with the correctChakra Seed Mantras, called the ‘Utterance’ practice (Ucchāra).

(For an overview of my 'Story of Kundalinī' monthly Webinar Series, please click here.)

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