An Immersion into the Shiva Sūtras

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An Immersion into the Shiva Sūtras


An Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, featuring...

  • Enlightening commentary of legendary Tantric Sage Kshemaraja

  • Nine 90-minute audio sessions

  • Verse translations

  • Mantra-led practices

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Śhiva Sūtras: the Heart of Kashmir Śhaivism

The Śhiva Sūtras, are to Tantra to what the Yoga Sūtras are to Classical Yoga, and represent the foundation of the veneratedSpanda (‘Vibration’ of Consciousness) school of Kashmir. The ‘Aphorisms of Śhiva’ is arguably the foundational text of Non-dual Kashmir Shaiva philosophy, which teaches that there is only One reality in the Universe –Pure Consciousness, or Śhiva, and  Śhakti, the ‘Power’ of that Consciousness, responsible for the dynamism and change which defines our experience of this reality.

Discovery of the Śhiva Sūtras

The Śhiva Sūtras were transmitted from Śhiva to Śrī Vasugupta (fl. 825-875 A.D.) who discovered them composed on a rock atop Mount Mahādeva in Kashmir. Some 200 years later, the prolific sage and scholar of the Matriarchal ‘Krama’ lineage, Kṣhemarāja, disciple of Abhinavagupta and author of the Pratyabhijñā-hṛdayam (‘Heart of Recognition’), composed the most celebrated commentary on our text (Śivasūtra-vimarśinī).

Course Overview

Kṣhemarāja and the Three Yogic ‘Means’ to Liberation (Upāyas). 

We immerse in the profound wisdom of Kṣhemarāja’s commentary on the Śhiva Sūtras, to which he applies Abhinavagupta’s three innovative Yogic ‘Means’ (Upāyas) of Liberation. The goal of the Upāyas is to dissolve karmic blocks in the body and mind responsible for perpetuating feelings of incompleteness (apūṛṇatva) and mental anxiety (citta-vritti), which obscures our Essential and ever-joyful Self, forever One with the bliss of Universal Consciousness (Śhiva).

Highly accessible and applicable to students today, the Upāya teachings presented in our course include the ‘Embodied Means’ (āṇava upāya) to Awakening through the innovative, physical practices of Tantric Yoga; the ‘Empowered Means’ (śākta upāya), the practice of transforming the energy of painful emotions, thoughts, and negative beliefs into triggers for Self-realization; and the‘Divine Means’ (śāmbhava upāya), the method of triggering moments of Awakening through cultivating intuition into the nature of reality as experienced through the senses.

How Students Benefit

In Kashmir Shaivism, the seeker of truth who sincerely wishes to grow spiritually is defined as a Yogī, one who seeks to practice Yoga through any number of ‘Skillful means’ (Upāyas), three of which form the basis of our course (see below).

As such, our course is for anyone seeking to incorporate the liberating wisdom and practices of Kashmir Shaivism into their daily lives. No prior experience is necessary.

This course is ideal for Yoga teachers wishing to learn how to incorporate the philosophy and practices (Upāyas) of the Śhivasūtras into their own teaching.

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