The Anāhata Practice of the Tantras: An Introductory Immersion


The Anāhata Practice of the Tantras: An Introductory Immersion


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In this groundbreaking webinar series, Christopher will unpack the meaning and significance of the ‘Unstruck’ (Anāhata) Chakra and reveal its forgotten role in daily yoga practice.

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The name ‘Anāhata’ (pronounced ‘un-aah-hut-uh’) refers to the liberating sonic power (shakti) of the chakra seed mantras when engaged at the center of the heart chakra. Students will learn how the central Tantric practice known as the ‘articulation’ technique (ucchāra) was engaged at the Heart center – specifically how each of the five elemental seed mantras was engaged with the three-part prāṇāyāma innovated by the Tantrics.  

This practice, since lost to us, forms the heart of Christopher’s doctoral work; its presentation in this webinar is based on dozens of un-published Tantric texts.  

We will explore five stunning depictions of the Anāhata Chakra, several of which will be revealed for first time since the Indian subtle body was first discovered by the West. All of these derive from Matriarchal Chakra systems previously unknown to the modern west.


Oṃ anāhata-cakrāya namaḥ | Śrī-sūrya-dale kaṃ khaṃ gaṃ ghaṃ ṅaṃ caṃ chaṃ jaṃ jhaṃ ñaṃ ṭaṃ ṭhaṃ bīja-puruṣāya namaḥ |


  • Christopher’s translations of our five Anāhata descriptions, along relevant passages from other sources which inform the Anāhata practice.

  • The names of each of the Twelve Petal Goddesses of Anāhata Chakra.

  • The fundamental psychology of the Anāhata Chakra as applied to our daily lives.

Additionally, Students will learn how the Anāhata Chakra was viewed in Matriarchal Chakra systems versus the single Patriarchal Systems known to us (see video preview, below).

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Student Testimonials:

“Christopher Tompkins provides valuable access to the inner wisdom and yoga practices of the earliest Tantric teachings in way that is transforming and relevant to all. He is a true gift…” - Shiva Rea, Yoga Teacher

“His amazingly accessible teaching introduces the empowering teachings of Yoga in a simple way that is compelling to everyone.” - Y.F., New York

“Chris is a brilliant, humble, playful, humorous, and intensely skillful scholar/practitioner. My experience learning from and practicing with him has been powerful and deep.” - Abbie Tucker, Yoga Teacher

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