Descent of Shakti: the Story of how the Goddess Became Human


Descent of Shakti: the Story of how the Goddess Became Human

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Immerse yourself in the most popular class presented by Christopher over years, the Descent of Shakti.

This beautiful creation story inspired by the Tantric tradition has inspired thousands of students over the years. It is a story which celebrates the mystery of life in all of its highs and lows, as the divine play of Shiva and Shakti experienced first hand through the Cosmic Descent of the Goddess, whose sonic body becomes all of creation including you and I.

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The Story of How the Divine Became Human

In this story, Shiva promises Shakti, that through Yoga she will never feel separate from the Divine. As she takes on the playful role of Your name and form; that through Yoga we can always access our innate connection to our own Divine Source.

Experience the divine ‘Līlā’ of your own life as the Play of Shiva and Shakti in this empowering, life-affirming story, one meant to inspire your Yoga practice and that of your students.


Recorded live in March 2016 at Evolve Yoga in Raleigh, NC. Featuring an opening invocation to Goddess Durga, recited by the Evolve community.