Kundalinī Awakening: Testimonies from Tantric Masters


Kundalinī Awakening: Testimonies from Tantric Masters


This two hour cutting edge presentation was recorded live on February 25th, 2018.

Kundalinī Awakening: Testimonies from Tantric Masters

In this session, I will draw from newly translated passages from Tantric ritual manuals to explain the practices poetically referenced in the Kundalinī Awakening testimonies of three celebrated Tantric Masters of Kashmir: Abhinavagupta, Kshemarāja, and the poetess Lallā (Lalleshwarī).

As I will reveal, the Kundalinī-based yoga celebrated by these beloved mystics is a science, once engaged daily by tantriks of all lineages--a path to self-awakening based on an innovative mantra practice and led by an empowering three-part prānāyāma practice.

This Webinar begins my step-by-step revelation of the pan-tantric daily yoga practice engaged by these masters, which will conclude in my May Webinar.

“Slowly, slowly, I drew my breath into my throat; then, that glorious flame sparked in the lamp within me, revealing my true nature unto me. I emblazoned this light with the wind (of my breath) so that in the darkness I could embrace my truth, shining bright.”  - from the sayings of (Tantric Master) Lallā

“That Secret, Undulating Power, who illuminates all objects in sight (from the crown of the head), is accessed in the space (of the 3rd eye) where She transforms into the Coiling energy of Prāna (prāna-kundalinī).” -Abhinavagupta.

(For an overview of my 'Story of Kundalinī' monthly Webinar Series, please click here.)

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