The Truth about Kundalinī & Mūlādhāra Chakra

Kundalini Womb scroll cropped  copy.jpg
Kundalini Womb scroll cropped  copy.jpg

The Truth about Kundalinī & Mūlādhāra Chakra


This two hour cutting edge presentation was recorded live on January 21st, 2018. 


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The West was first introduced to Kundalinī and the Chakras through the 1918 publication of ‘The Serpent Power,’ by Arthur Avalon (a.k.a. John Woodroofe). The Chakra system as we know it today still derives from Avalon’s problematic translation of the “System of Six Chakras (Shat-Chakra-Nirūpana),” the sixth chapter of the “Jewel-Essence of Perfect Awareness,” a beautiful Tantric work composed in 1577 by Shrī Pūrnānanda (‘One who is Full of Bliss’).

Topics for this exciting webinar—

A.The Truth about Kundalinī and Mūlādhāra Chakra.

I will provide concrete evidence that Avalon’s depiction of a dormant Kundalinī, wrapped around a ‘lingam’ at the base of the spine in the mūlādhāra chakra is a mis-translation of Pūrnanānda’s original teachings, which featured a dynamic Kundalinī force which ‘births’ Shiva consciousness in the body of the yogi.

B. The Relationship between Upper and Lower Mūlādhāra Chakras.

Drawing from Pūrnānanda’s original teachings of not one but two mūlādhāras, located at either end of the central channel (suṣhumnā nāḍī). Hear the words of a Tantric master, as Pūrnānanda reveals the importance of an upper mūlādhāra chakra at the crown of the head, centered at the point that the Shakti (Kundalinī) first coils down into the body as our very life force, as depicted in the image below. (Avalon certainly missed this!)

Experience the original insight teachings of Pūrānanda, a true Tantric master, as he reveals the liberating power of Kundalini when engaged in the original practice of Tantric Yoga.

(For an overview of my 'Story of Kundalinī' monthly Webinar Series, please click here.)

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