Kundalini Matrika ('Little Mothers') Practice of the Chakras


Kundalini Matrika ('Little Mothers') Practice of the Chakras


This two hour cutting edge presentation was recorded live on February 25th, 2018.


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Mātrikā Nyāsa means ‘Installing the Little Mothers.’ This was the concluding practice of Kundalinī-based Yoga of the Tantras, focused on drawing the immortal nectar of Kundalinī down into the body. This ‘nectar,’ envisioned as the light and sound of 'OM,' is tapped from the 3rd eye center; with prānāyāma, visualization, and concentration techniques, this revivifying ‘nectar’ disperses into the fifty ‘little mothers’ or Shaktis (maatrikaas) represented by the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, one for each petal of the chakras.

Four years ago I introduced these ‘Little Mothers’ in My ‘Universal Mother Chakra Course’.* Two weeks ago, I discovered this phenomenal depiction of the ‘Maatrikaa Nyaasa’ practice by Lahiri Mahasaya, the guru of Shrī Yogānanda’s Guru.

In this Webinar, recorded on February 25th, I presented this practice as taught in the source Tantras, and depicted in Lahiri Mahasaya’s drawing.

A sample of what you will get from this Class -

  • Meet the 50 ‘Little Mothers’ of the Chakras, previously lost to us in Western sources.

  • Learn how these Mothers represent the emotional body of all human beings, and how they can each be transformed into powers of liberation through this practice

Most importantly, and for the first time, students will be taught the Maatrikaa Nyaasa technique, one of the two *core* practices found in all of the Goddess Tantras, and based on my translations of Source Tantra texts.

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(For an overview of my 'Story of Kundalinī' monthly Webinar Series, please click here.)

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