Wisdom of Tantra Series

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Wisdom of Tantra Series


Discover how the timeless, life-affirming teachings of Tantra can serve as a direct means to self-healing and deep transformation to help face the challenges of everyday life.

Experience the profound wisdom of Tantric Masters, translated directly from un-published texts and presented in simple language.

Cultivate the power of your own intuitive insight (pratibhā) to illuminate your path to freedom and awakening.

 Immerse in 90 minutes of life-changing Tantric Wisdom per session!

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I am the Divine. I am nothing else. I am not a receptacle for sorrow, for I am the Absolute alone. I am made of Being, Consciousness and Bliss. My truest home is my highest Self, who is forever free.

- Tantric quote (Click here to hear the Sanskrit)

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Video clip from Part I

Part 1. Finding Home Within Yourself

Do I identify my sense of home – my sense of well-being- with a location, a physical dwelling, or through my relationship(s) with others, in other words, outside of my Self? Is my ideal of ‘home’ one that embraces flow, or does it attract suffering by resisting the inevitability of change? What does it mean for me to establish a non-dependent sense of ‘home’?

Part 2. The End of "Should" Consciousness and the Illusion of “Incompleteness" 

Part 3. Cultivating Relationships That Nourish Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Video clip from Part III

Part 4. A Life Without Fear: How to Transform Painful Emotions Into Liberating Powers

Part 5. Jivanmukti: A Simple Means to Awakening


“Thank you! What an awesome practice and opportunity you helped create for all of us. I look forward to traveling through the remaining topics…”
-L.V., student

“Meditating upon one's sense of home, particularly in becoming of aware of the need to find home within the self --is powerful, liberating, and a bit awe-inspiring at the same time….”

“Thank you for sharing this workshop with us, I've been personally working on what home means to me and so this was great to integrate into my yoga practice.” – S.H.