Yogavidhi: An Introduction to Vinyāsa-based Yoga

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Yogavidhi: An Introduction to Vinyāsa-based Yoga

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In order to support my current PhD writing this summer on the Tantric Origins of Kuṇḍalinī, this course is now 25% off through August only! Click here to find out more about my writing.

In this 90-minute introductory presentation, Christopher outlines important revelations from his mission to uncover the lost roots and practices of Vinyāsa-based from unpublished Sanskrit texts.

He shares the exciting revelation of how the Hathapradipika (1.61) eliminated Postural Yoga and Sūrya Namaskāra practice from Haṭha Yoga. Explore the original verse, appearing in Tantras dating to pre-12th century, and learn how it opens a doorway to the incredible richness of hundreds of Vinyāsa-based Yoga practices in the source Tantras.

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Receive cutting-edge revelations

  • Three never-before-seen Sūrya Namaskāra sequences, as taught in 2 source Tantras – each features 12 poses choreographed to original prāṇāyāma practices and led by the Solar ‘Seed’ Mantras.
  • Later removed in the Hatha (Yoga) Pradīpikā, our three Namaskāra sequences are found in the source Tantras from which the HP plagiarized its material.
  • These Namaskaras mark the first ever revealed to the modern yoga world from source texts (12th-14th centuries).