The Roots of Postural Yoga

YogaVidhi is my new online course series revealing the roots of the Vinyasa-based Postural Hatha Yoga tradition, based on my in-depth exploration of the roots of Hatha Yoga as it evolved within the Tantric traditions. Yogavidhi is a Sanskrit phrase which means the ritual sequence of Yoga. This is the name given in the Tantras for a single daily Yoga ritual present in hundreds of Tantras spanning over 1,000 years (ca. 500-1500 AD). This series will show that it is from this ritual that all modern Asana-based systems of ‘Vinyasa Yoga’ derive.

In this series we'll enter the doorway into our own Yogic heritage and discover the incredible ritual sequences of ancient Yoga including...

  • Dozens of Surya Namaskara and Chandra Namaskara practices
  • Elaborate Vira Sadhana or standing Warrior practices
  • Sequences which became Surya Namaskara A & B in the Ashtanga Yoga System
  • More than 100 asanas taught by Krishnamacharya and practiced world wide today
  • Lost mantra and prāṇāyāma practices choreographed to Namaskara-based Vinyāsa practices



Introductory Session

First Evidence for Surya Namaskara as an Ancient Yoga Practice  

Includes the first Surya Namaskara sequence ever revealed from an ancient source text – the Kriyasara of Nilakantha, sage of the Virasaiva lineage of Maharashtra (ca. 14th century)

Reveals how Sūrya Namasksra, once a core daily practice of Tantric Haṭha Yoga, was removed in the Haṭha Yoga Pradipika

What Students Receive

Part I. The Haṭhapradīpikā and the loss of Surya Namaskara in daily Yoga practice.

  • In this introductory session, Chris show's how the Hathapradipika (1.61) distorted a single stock Tantric verse in order to eliminate Postural Yoga and Surya Namaskara practice from Haṭha Yoga. Explore the original verse, appearing in Tantras dating to before the 12th century, and learn how it opens a doorway to the incredible richness of hundreds of Vinyasa-based Yoga practices in the source Tantras, since obscured by a lack of focus in scholarship on the true source of our modern Yogic heritage.

Part II. The first Surya Namaskara sequence ever revealed from an ancient source.

  • In his Kriyasara, the 'Essence of [Physical] Ritual' Nilakantha,  a ca. 14th century sage of the Virasaiva ('Warriors of Shiva') lineage, who details a 12-pose Sūrya Namaskara Yoga practice taught in Tantras belonging to his lineage, dating to ca. 1000 A.D.  This postural practice has come down to us today as the 'Classic' Sūrya Namaskara sequence (vinyasa). This is the same sequence commemorated by the Indian govt. in a stamp series on the International Day of Yoga in 2016. 

  • In this groundbreaking class, Chris takes us through an exciting comparison between each of the poses as described by Nilakantha and those featured in the 2016 Stamp series, showing them to be identical.  We will discover that the  Solar 'Seed' Mantras leading the sequence (hrāṃ, hrīṃ, hrūṃ, etc.) -- preserved in the 20th century teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and the Bihar school - have remained un-changed for over 700 Years. The evidence provided in this class proves once and for all the  ancient antiquity of  Surya Namaskara as a physical Yoga practice.