My Patreon PhD Writing Campaign: 'Tantric Origins of Kuṇḍalinī'  

I'm currently raising funds through Patreon to support the writing and final editing of my doctoral dissertation which I plan to file in the Spring of 2018. 

At it's essence, this work is for the yoga community, to enrich our understanding of history, lineage, and current evolution of practices today. I would be honored by your support, and honored to share discoveries with you from my years investigating the original Kundalini-based Yoga taught in the Tantras, most of which has been lost to the modern world. 

For as little as $5, Help support my PhD writing on the 'The Tantric Origins of Kundalinī' and immediately access some great rewards.  This includes a monthly webinar presenting groundbreaking teachings on Kundalinī. To peruse the topic of my next seminar, please click here.

above: 'Kuṇḍalinī Chakras' from four separate Chakra Scrolls, featured in my work.

above: 'Kuṇḍalinī Chakras' from four separate Chakra Scrolls, featured in my work.


The Tantric Origins of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga

For the last decade, I have diligently researched hundreds of mostly un-published Tantric texts which span 1,400 years of un-chartered Yoga history for the roots and evolution of Kundalinī and the Chakras in Tantric Yoga.  

 I have found that 'Kundalini Shakti' was not originally a 'dormant serpent power' located at the base of the spine, but a liberating, sonic power that was drawn down from the crown of the head (in the subtle body).  My goal with this PhD is to reveal the daily Kundalinī-based Yoga practice in its original form, one which is still unknown to the west.  

Be a Part of Rediscovering our Collective Yoga History

I am dedicated to finishing this work, and giving it everything I've got to file this Spring. In order to do so, I've had to step away from other work opportunities. Your support is deeply appreciated, and will be a gift to me as well as a gift to the lineage of yoga. In supporting my work, you are helping bring to light source teachings of Tantric Yoga, a main root of all embodied yoga practiced today. 

Since this is the home stretch before completing my PhD, the Patron levels are higher than they would be for an ongoing campaign. After filing, I will adjust the Rewards and lower the levels of support to reflect continuing research into the 18 additional core texts on Kundalini that have, until now, been largely misunderstood or overlooked in Tantric scholarship.

The Rewards of becoming my Patreon Patron!

Patrons who support me can receive:

*Regular, detailed updates on my writing progress
*Access to twice monthly live Q&A sessions on key topics of my work, all related to Kundalinī and the Chakras
*Pdf translations from the original Sanskrit on Kundalinī and the Chakras, from un-published source Tantras *Monthly Guided meditation sessions based on the original Kundalinī practices of the Tantras

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