The Yoga Sutra Unveiled


The Yoga Sutra Unveiled


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August 1st marks the new moon, when we transition into the auspicious month of Leo the Lion (Simha Samkrānti), the month associated with liberation through yoga practice in the Tantric traditions.

“This audio of Christopher’s ‘Experiencing Yoga’ workshop is invaluable to every yogi exploring the depth of yoga beyond the āsanas and to anyone questioning their own source of happiness and suffering. A must!” - Kia Meaux, founder of Kaya Yoga

Join Sanskritist, Scholar, and Yoga Practitioner Christopher Tompkins as he renders the empowering yet cryptic Sūtras of Patañjali into practical teachings that are immediately applicable to the everyday challenges that we all face on the Householder path.

This course is for anyone who desires to live life free from anxiety, from feelings of incompleteness, from worry and fear.

Course Outline:

I. Defining ‘Yoga’ (80 min)

The Yogīs of old claimed that all happiness comes from within, contrary to mainstream thinking.  We will immerse in the liberating power of this truth as applied to our life experiences.

Course Outline:

II.  Addiction to Thinking – the Source of all Suffering (80 min)

 Insight on how over-identifying with the thinking mind creates and perpetuates the ‘cycle’ of our suffering.

III. Why We practice: the Goal of Yoga (80 min)

 Powerful techniques to dissolve the mental conditioning that causes our own suffering in order to reveal the source of all Happiness- the Light of the Self.

This course is approximately 4 hours (audio) of high quality downloadable MP3  recordings. Also included is a PDF of key Sūtras in Sanskrit and translation presented with guided meditations.

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Reviews of this Course:

“My husband, who previously imagined that Yoga was ‘not his thing,’ now understands the tradition and its timeless wisdom teachings in a whole new light, after listening to this course.” -B. H., London UK.

This amazingly accessible teaching introduces the empowering teachings of Yoga in a simple way that is compelling to everyone.” - Y.F., New York

“Chris is an extremely knowledgeable and masterful story teller, with Spirit expanding, illuminates life-enhancing concepts from the sacred texts beautifully.”
-C. H., Los Angeles

“Your translations and explanations of the Sanskrit of the Sutras were very enlightening…one message that especially stayed with me was: ‘If you place happiness in the future, it will stay there.’ That is so true…I enjoyed your scholarly and very knowledgeable approach so much. Thank you!”- G.A., Seattle

“Thank you Chris for bringing such a Beautiful, Sacred, and Soul-Warming awareness and Way into my life.” –J.M., Washington D.C.

“Chris is able to weave the teachings and practices into the here and now, as a spontaneous direct experience and  living meditation.”–F. R., Paris

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was moved by many of your stories….To learn more about the definition and history of yoga was great and peaks my curiosity to continuing learning more.” – Toronto

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was moved by many of your stories….To learn more about the definition and history of yoga was great and peaks my curiosity to continuing learning more.” - San Francisco


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Your purchase of this course supports my summer writing project, which continues the ‘thread’ from Part III of this series, entitled “Why We practice.” Ī am revealing how the evolutionary  ‘thread’ (sūtra) of Patanjali’s formative work was transformed into ā time-tested daily householder practice Called the ‘Yoga Sequence’ (yogavidhi). 

This powerful sequence masterfully threads together the ‘Eight Limbs’ of the Yogasūtra and was guaranteed to bestow the state of living liberation on practitioners.   To find out more about my current work, please visit my Patreon site.